Empowering the Body of Christ to walk in God's abundance

  • 5 FREE E-Books

    Download our Latest Most Popular E-Book “Small Church Growth System” TCC has seen growth from 20 members to 2000. This is a 9 pg. e-Book full of information and proper steps.

    You have the resources right here. These 5 FREE E-Book Samples are based on the Law of Recognition in 2 Kings 4:1-7 (verse 2) The widow and her pots of oil. Helping you discover what God has already given you to create what God has already promised you.

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  • The Money Interviewer

    Most people should find between $300 and $1,000 per month within the next 90 days, No kidding, shouldn’t you find out how?

    You can click on READ MORE or Watch this video explaining our process or by calling 336.272.7373 you can begin this process now.

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  • Three Discounted Programs

    Amazing! Discounted Healthcare, Financial & Business Programs. If your’re in the need for Medical, Dental & Pharmacy discounts then the Discounted Healthcare Program is for you.

    Unlimited access to live tax professionals, attorneys and physicians by phone Quicker.


    For more information just CALL 336.272.7373

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  • Unsecured Lines of Credit

    We can help your church obtain unsecured lines of credit as high as $150K. Using a personal guarantor (i.e. pastor, board member, trustee, or other committed member) with a credit score of at least 680 and a positive credit report, we can guarantee at least $50K in funding.

    Get the details of how this can work for you by clicking “Read More”

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  • Financial Consultants

    You need a personal Financial Strategist if IRS compliance’s, taxes, financial planning and growth plans, take away from your real work (saving souls).

    Most people didn’t even know they needed a financial consultant until they had a consultation. How about a 15 minute FREE phone call with one of our experts?

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  • Mortgage Loans

    The Church Coalition has access to lenders who are looking to make church loans to qualified churches.

    The Church Coalition will provide professionals that will assist churches in getting their financial records together in order to become a qualified church.

    Note: The Church Coalition will pay a tithe to your church on fees that are generated in closing a loan.


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  • Group Insurance Rates

    Need, security?

    More then ever Pastors & church leaders need insurance, however most insurance carriers will not provide them with what they truly need! “security”

    The bottom line is that Insurance carriers do not want to service the church market. but we found a solution, click “Read More!”

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Pastors Receive Fantastic Benefits For Your Church

Church Members Receive Special Benefits and Services

About the Church Coalition

Yes we can help! We have lenders who want church loans and compete for your business thus ensure you get the best rates and terms. The Church Coalition’s purpose is to provide the Body of Christ with "Biblical Principles" integrated into a “Financial Platform” to empower (churches & church members) with both the resources, systems and education necessary to:

  • Solve financial problems
  • Create new sources of Money to enhance their lives and fund the Kingdom of God
  • Walk in God’s abundance to fulfill His will for their lives


We needed to create some cash flow, so we contacted the TCC; we had our mortgage deal on the table within 30 days that saved 1000’s of dollar per month.

Pastor Harold Reynolds
Nehemiah Christian Center